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sealegs2414's Journal

14 September 1989
Here's a brief summary. ^^ I seem to be chatty today. I'm 21 years old, yes I know getting old, haha jk Go to school, work, do a lot of babysitting.

I love Kpop, if any of you haven't noticed haha Asian are hott! Haha I'm sure you all realize that too. I love Big Bang and Super Junior. Kwon Jiyong = Love! Plain and simple. I absolutely love Cho Kyuhyun as well! haha I'm not one to really act like a fan girl with the squealing and uncontrollable excitement but those two can make me fall into that category which is amazing.

I'm kind of a quiet person at first but as you can tell right now can become a bit chatty.
I don't tend to have favorites because lets face it, how can you seriously make a decision with all these wonderful different things to choose from. Some just call me indecisive so I guess I am. Anime and manga <3. Also can't seem to get enough of Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese dramas. I personally think they have quite a few that are much better than the shows we have on today in America. A lot funnier too.

I think Yoogeun (SHINee Hello Baby) is pretty much the most adorable baby or should I say toddler, ever! And now I'm just really starting to ramble. So, that's a bit about me. Hope I didn't bore you too much. =p

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